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20x8mm Tube (5) - Raindrops - Ceramic Hand Painted Vintage Beads

$20.00 AUD

These beads are hand made in Peru, and the raindrop design painted on them is a design by our friend Mario from South America.  When we asked him what the picture was, to convert his thoughts from his homeland to English language, it came as a story.  He said something along the lines of:

"The soft half moon with raindrops gently falling from the sky and landing on the earth to give sustenance to all things."

Isn't that amazing how the translations comes like this!?

You therefore, won't find these beads in many other places as they were a special design!

These beads will be the most gorgeous additions to your jewellery making!  Use as the centrepiece on a macrame or micro macrame friendship bracelet, or string them on cord for an earthy looking necklace or choker.  Gee, there are so many options for beads like this, especially with their large threading hole!

Materials:  Ceramic with hand painted design and glazing

Measurements:  20mm long x 8mm wide, with a 3mm threading hole

Quantity per pack:  5 beads