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20x7mm Bicone Czech Glass Beads (10) - Brown Picasso

$7.00 AUD

Vintage Picasso Finish - Long Bicone Shape Beads

Made from a brown base of glass with a Picasso coating, these beads originate from Czechoslovakia in the 1970s.  They have a gloss finish and will give any project you use them on a definite touch of class!  The classic shape will look great on a necklace, bracelet or on earrings.  Use a small bead to separate the main 'star' of the show - it allows each & every bead to really shine - you'll be surprised at the difference your necklace will show if you use this method!

The Picasso way of finishing a bead gives a speckled spotty effect, a really earthy look whilst the lustre enhances the coating, making this effect a really interesting bead to use - no two beads will ever be identical!

Shape:  Long Bicone - a classic bead shape, not used a whole lot for bracelets, because they are a bit long to go around the small circle of a wrist, but fabulous for dangly earrings and, of course, a classic necklace!

Measurements:  20mm long x 7mm wide. 

Hole Size:  approximately .7mm

Quantity per pack:  10