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20x15mm Barrel (10) - Black/Gold - Vintage Art Deco Style Lucite Beads

$14.00 AUD

These beads have 2 lines of gold around each end, and in between are 6 oval shaped designs etched in gold.  The barrel isn't smooth around, as if it has been pinched on the sides (you can't really see it, rather only can feel it).

Circa:  1980-1990s

Measurements:  20mm long x 15mm wide with a 1.5mm threading hole

Quantity per pack:  10

This whole range of vintage Bohemian look beads is from stock we scored at a warehouse clearance haul years and years ago!  In recent years some of the styles of beads in this range have been reproduced in cheaper plastic materials.  You will notice the difference in the quality if you compare the feel of the bead, as well as the weight.  Ours are made from plastic, with a beautiful matte metallic coating and are classed as Vintage Beads.