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20x14mm Brooch Settings (5) - Nickel

$7.50 AUD


These brooch backs have flat pad surface for gluing and have a "hook and lever" style opening.  If necessary, and you need to wire the adornment on, you will still be able to wrap around the pad.

A perfect piece for using with handmade fabric embellishments, flat back stones, cabochons, cameos or anything you have made that needs a flat surface to adhere to.

Glue - Use something that will stick to metal and to whatever your material is made from.  Glue will always have the instructions and what they will adhere to written on the pack.  My recommendation would always be to use a sticky goopy type of glue rather than a very runny glue.  It's just easier to put your piece together without fear of the embellishment sliding off!

Hint - use a tissue box, or a piece of polystyrene, or something that you can poke the brooch back into, so that the brooch piece sits flat.  This way you can have both hands free to position your embellishment, and it can dry flat also, rather than having to lean on it's side.

This stock is years old (but, of course, new - never used) from a warehouse clearance we did years ago.  They are still perfect in their gold or nickel colour platings.  Really really good quality!  These findings are brass based, unlike the cheap iron versions you see in the newly manufactured findings!

Quantity per pack:  5