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20x12mm Oval (5) - Pelicans - Clay Hand Painted Vintage Beads

$20.00 AUD


This bead features hand painted Pelicans. Each bead is very individual as they are hand made and painted.  The measurements are just a guide.  Some may be a little chubbier, or longer etc.  You can see in the photo however, they they look amazing together.  String them on a necklace or use them as a feature on the front of a choker etc.  The black & white colours together will really make the bead 

These beads will be the most gorgeous additions to your jewellery making!  Use as the centrepiece on a macrame or micro macrame friendship bracelet, or string them on cord for an earthy looking necklace or choker.  Gee, there are so many options for beads like this, especially with their large threading hole!

Materials:  clay with hand painted design

Measurements:  20mm long x 12mm wide, with a 1.5mm threading hole

Quantity per pack:  5 beads