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2 Ply - WALNUT BROWN (10m) - Irish Waxed Linen Thread


2 ply Irish Linen Wax Cord is strong, and natural, and has many many uses, from knotting your favourite beads, to micro macrame, webs for dreamcatchers, threading or rethreading beads, gemstones etc. 

Quantity per pack:  10 metres (you don't receive the spool as pictured - you receive a 10m piece hand wound by us onto a small card).  This allows you to try it out without buying complete spools which can be expensive, and also allows you to have multiple colours in your workbox.

Size:  about 0.5mm thick

The waxing of the thread makes it stiffer, water resistant and more durable, whilst remaining flexible and easy to use. 

Traditionally this thread has had such uses as bookbinding and sewing leather products.  It has been used long before nylon and polyester threads were around, and is still considered a very lovely thread to have in your stash!

Made in USA