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2.7mm Ear Studs (10) - Resin

$8.00 AUD

Wow!  Look at this great alternative to metal earrings!  If you or any of your loved ones have allergies to metal, these are for you!

Made from transparent non-allergenic resin, they still have a small loop for fitting your headpin so now you can add these totally non allergenic earrings to your range if you are a seller, for those who absolutely can't tolerate metal.

Quantity:  10  pieces (5 pairs) DOES NOT INCLUDE backs.  You will need to buy silicone backs for these.


Ball is about 2.7mm across, with a threading hole of 0.9mm.

Pin thickness is about 0.8mm, with a length of 11mm not including the ball.

Total length = 14mm

Total thickness at front including ball & loop = 4.3mm