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2.5mm Round (500) - White - Vintage Acrylic Pearls

$9.00 AUD

Measurements:  2.5mm with a threading hole of about 0.5mm.

Quantity per pack:  500

Use this tiny size bead for spacer beads between larger beads, for fine petite jewellery, use them on wedding invitations, wedding dresses and of course bonbonnierre and anything else to do with weddings!  Also handy for papercrafts such as scrapbooking and card making, and anyone who still sews those gorgeous stitched baby clothes that have the pin tucks with pearls will just adore this size.  They are SO hard to source in this 2.5mm size!

Part of a warehouse clearance we did a while back, these beads are old fashioned quality - probably manufactured around 1980s - made back when quality was just kind of expected, not hoped for!  The lustre on the coating of these pearls is gorgeous.  Beads just aren't made like this anymore ...