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19x14mm Oval (10) - Blue w. Rolled Crumb - Vintage Glass Lampwork Beads

$15.00 AUD

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These look so much like a speckled bird's egg!  They make really lovely focal beads, but remember sizes of beads may vary slightly as they are handmade in India.

Underneath is a solid opaque glass, with a patterned coating over the top.  A bit of a talking point when you wear jewellery using these. 

The speckling is a very old technique, using the lampworking method, and made by rolling the formed bead in glass 'crumb' (leftovers from previous projects eg very small shards and tiny pieces) and then rolling again to make the crumb adhere to the bead, and smooth it out.

Measurements:  19mm long x 15mm wide with a threading hole of about 1mm to 1.5mm

Quantity per pack:  10 beads

Colour:  Blue opaque with black crumb over the top