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18x6mm Coin (10) - Pewter - Moroccan Style Vintage Beads

$9.00 AUD


Measurements: 18mm across by 6mm thick with a 1mm threading  hole

Quantity per pack:  10 

Vintage from at least 1970s, these beads are Japanese lucite, with the most amazing coatings in antique bronze, antique silver and antique copper colours.  It is very rare to find beads like these, let alone a whole range of these beads in different sizes!  We have every size and shape available in all 3 colours.  Let your imagination go wild with these ones!

Because they are lucite, you will find even the larger beads are lightweight so it’s very easy to incorporate the larger styles into long flowing long necklaces, or use the smaller sizes for great interesting earrings!  See all of our shapes and sizes in various listings.

The colours are amazing and the coating does not peel.  Will all 3 colours be your favourites?  I can’t choose between them!  I guess if I had to say which was the most unusual and hard to source colour, it would be the copper.

These beads are part of a large bead haul Bead Shack did about in about 2007, and they were old before that, although we have no exact knowledge of their actual age.  We have called them ‘Moroccan Style’ as we feel that is closest to their description – if you have any knowledge of this style of bead we would love to hear from you!  We spend hours researching our beads, and sometimes exact information on a style is not available easily.