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18mm Tube Fimo Beads (10) - Black/White Web Design

$15.75 AUD


Shape:  Tube

Circa:  1980s

Quantity per pack:  10 Beads


  • Width across:  8mm to 10mm thick
  • Threading Hole:  2mm to 3.5mm
  • Length:  18mm
  • Sizes are approximate as all the beads are hand crafted.
  • As a general rule, if a bead is 8mm thick with a 2mm hole, all of them will be.  Same as if the bead is a 10mm thickness with a 2.5mm hole.  We have listed all of them in the one category rather than separate them out.  It has been a huge job to get all our Vintage Fimo online, so we tried to streamline some of the categories.  If you need exact measurements for a style you like, please flick us an email and query the size.

Making the Beads - a simplified explanation in how they are made:

  • Polymer clays of different colours are made into a long 'sausage' to make the pattern.
  • This cane is then pulled and pulled, similar to how candy and glass are made.  This can made a thick cane into a long thin cane ready for bead makinkg.
  • The cane is then sliced into shapes to make beads &/or pendants.
  • These tubes have been made by first having a long 'core' of one colour polymer clay.
  • Slices from the cane, or even scraps from previously made pendants etc, are then pressed closely together all along the core.
  • The resulting long sausage of veneered core is then sliced into beads.

Can you see all the colours & shapes in these amazing beads?  They were made in Capetown, South Africa many many years ago & we have stock of these in so many varieties!  These old polymer clay beads feel very velvety to touch, whereas modern clay beads like this just feel cold & like plastic, even though they are clay.  The quality and craftsmanship of these pendants and beads are out of this world!

Please see our other listings for more shapes & themes as we get them listed.