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18mm Tube (10) - Dark Cream - Vintage Lucite Beads

$7.65 AUD

Bead measurements:  18x15mm with a 5.5mm threading hole.

Quantity per pack:  10

Circa:  1970-1980

This plastic bead comes from really old stock, back when macrame was in fashion in the 70/80s!  The whopping big threading hole shows a 4mm cord easily passing through in one of our photos!  With a bit of care you will be able to get a second cord through, or one thicker cord.

This bead is such a gorgeous feature for your next macrame or weave!

These have a matte finish, and they look to me like they have been hand painted/stained somehow.  If you look in the photos you can see where the colour finishes just inside the holes.  The patterning reminds me of an Aztec design with zig zags and dots!  Also notice the ridge around the middle isn't actually in the middle but about 2/3 of the way down (or up!) giving it even more aesthetic appeal!

Beads with large holes big enough for thick rope to pass through are really hard to come by!  But here at Bead Shack we have quite a range of large holed beads!