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18mm Nugget (10) - Toffee - Vintage Lucite Beads

$7.50 AUD


Measurements:   18mm from hole to hole x 16~18mm wide with a 1mm threading hole

Quantity per pack:  10

These vintage lucite beads are absolutely stunning.  Transparent butterscotch with caramel and vanilla swirls through.  They definitely look edible!  The swirls and whirls throughout the transparent parts look so amazing that you feel like you could just fall into the bead.  Once you stare at it long enough you might become a bit mesmerised!  Well, I did, anyway.

Being quite a large bead, you might like to use it on a long necklace, even knotting them in between other beads in these colour tones.

Every single bead is totally different patterning to the next bead.  Enjoy these vintage beads while you can - we don't have a huge stock of them left in our storage.

The beads are from a large bead haul we made around 2007, and they were really old before that.  We think they may have been made in Germany, around 1960s, however that's our best educated guess.  If you've seen these beads before, and have information about them, we would love to hear from you!