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16x4mm Disc Pendant (25) - Transparent Orange - Vintage Acrylic Beads

$5.00 AUD


Vintage acrylic beads with a fun starburst design on each side, which is etched into the bead.

We have these in 4 colours - orange, green, red and yellow.  What a fun kaleidoscope of colour for your projects!  I think these would be great on a home decor project crating a rainbow of see through colours.  Imagine them when the sun hits them if you have them in a window! 

The beads have a slight mark on them above the hole, on the very edge, from their manufacture.  The sides of the bead are on an angle which gives the effect of a faceted edge.  We are not sure on the making of them, but they are fun, and very very old stock.

Measurements:  16mm across x 4mm thick with a 1mm threading hole on the edge of the bead, about 1mm from the very edge of the bead.

Quantity per pack:  25 beads

Disclaimer:  We have tried to describe the beads as accurately as possible, from our own knowledge as well as any knowledge we can glean from the internet.  Many of our vintage beads were made well before the internet became an everyday tool!  We can only find information about beads that other people have listed!  If you know any further information about any of our listed beads, please contact us and let us know - we would be so grateful!