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16x12mm Oval (1) - Facing Left - Dark Peach & Ivory - Vintage Cameo

$2.00 AUD


Materials:  Acrylic Resin

Circa:  1960 to 1970

Manufactured in Hong Kong

Measurements:  16mm high x 12mm wide.  Cameo base is 2mm thick, with the raised picture coming up another .5mm.

Quantity per pack:  1 Cameo facing Left

These cameo cabochons are from very old stock (but brand new if you know what we mean!) and are made from the 'old style' quality.  They are part of our famous bead haul back in about 2007, but they are in pristine condition.  They are quite unlike the modern day plastic feeling cabochons!  The detailing is beautiful, and they just feel lovely in your hand.

The back is flat, allowing you to glue your cabochon onto a metal setting, or you may like to use it for scrapbooking, or the front focal piece on a handmade journal etc.

Use your cabochon for a brooch, or hairpin (the ones that have a little pad for gluing your piece onto) or buy 2 and make a pair of earrings (once again using glue on stud ear pieces).