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16mm Potato Beads (10) - Honey - Amber Look Vintage Beads


These beads has amazing colour throughout them.  Beautiful honey coloured amber shades with black markings within.  No two beads are exactly the same.  The light shines right through them and from every angle you look, you see a different shape/design inside where the black shows.

Please note - these do not match other listings in the Amber Look category of vintage beads.

You will be amazed at the weight, quality, feel and superb colours and materials in these beads.  You will see something different in every bead. They really are amazing beads - there is nothing like them in today's market!

Quantity per pack:  10

Measurements:  16mm across with a 1.5mm threading hole - each bead is 'wonky' like the shape of a potato.  

We have deliberated over what these beads are made with, as well as when they were made.  At first we thought Bakelite, but they aren't old enough - this method of bead making ended about the 1940s.  Then we thought lucite, but then we were going to say acrylic, to be safe.  However they are really old stock, and unlike most acrylic beads. 
Most of the shapes don't even have a visible seam - you can just see where the seam is on the end of the tube shapes & every now and then on some of the others, but they are really hard to spot.  We are going to give an educated estimate of their age as being made in 1980s.  These beads were part of our rather famous warehouse clearance bead haul we did years and years ago!

Whatever these beads are, you will be more than happy with their style and quality!