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16mm Drum (10) - Cream - Vintage Lucite Beads

$17.50 AUD


Bead measurements:  16mm x 17.5mm with a 7mm threading hole.

Quantity per pack:  10 beads

Circa: 1970-1980

Made from acrylic, the quality is obvious from the fact that you can barely see the join lines.  We managed to grab these beads amongst a great big warehouse clearance bead haul we did years and years ago. 

This acrylic bead comes from really old stock, back when macrame was in fashion in the 70/80s!  The whopping big threading hole will take up to 2 x 6mm cords easily passing through!

This bead is such a gorgeous feature, and will give you the true feel of the Hippy macrame era!

The bead has a kind of engraved look to it, showing flowers all the way around, within a band around the top and bottom.

Beads with large holes big enough for thick rope to pass through are really hard to come by!  But here at Bead Shack we have quite a range of large holed beads!