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15mm Studs (2) - 18kt Gold Filled

$10.00 AUD
18kt Gold Filled

Beautiful studs with a discreetly hidden hanging loop to attach your charm or headpin decoration.  The earring fitting is electroplated brass, with long lasting, 18 kt gold plating.  We will call these 'gold filled'.

Measurements:  15mm across with a 2mm threading loop

Quantity per pack:  2 pieces (1 pair) (no backs included)

If you want non allergenic stud backs, try our Flower Silicone Stoppers.

I you would like to choose a stud back that supports the ear lobe, try the good old fashioned Plastic Disc Bullet Stud Backs.  Bullet disc ear stud backs support the ear lobe, and stop the earring from falling down and forward.