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15mm Miyuki Slide Tube (1) - Gold

$1.35 AUD

Quantity:  1 piece

Colour:  Gold Plate

Tube measures 15mm in length and is approximately 2.7mm thick. There is a little 'arm' at each end, which is folded down to keep the beads inside the tube. Fold the arm down on one end first, then gently wiggle and slide the beaded piece through the tube. Then fold the second arm down. You can then finish off by hanging the piece from a necklace, or attach to a clasp via jumprings, for a bracelet. The tubes work on size 11/0 Japanese seed beads only, and usually only on square stitch, or work that has beads in a straight line on the end rows (definitely not peyote). These tubes give the nicest, neatest finish you can believe! Where have these been all these years!!??