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14x13mm Tube (10) - Blue w. Black - South Western Style Vintage Beads

$6.50 AUD


Measurements:  14mm long (from hole to hole) by 13mm across with a 3mm threading hole

Quantity per pack:  10

Vintage beads made in West Germany around 1950s, these beads are original designs (now being copied by modern manufacturers). 

Our stock is the real deal, with amazing quality and detailing in the original method & colours do not peel off.

They are now being named as 'South Western' Beads, possibly because of their likeness to turquoise &/or carved bone beads, so they are great in cowgirl and western styles of jewellery.

This range of beads comes in shades of turquoise, blue, brown and white, all with black detailing.

This range of beads are very Bohemian or Boho looking, and you could incorporate them in many design themes.  They will add a touch of the unusual to your long beaded necklaces, or make a cute pair of earrings – there are lots of designs to choose.

Being so lightweight, you will find them very handy if using this style only for a necklace.  You can fill your string and it still won’t weigh your neck down.  So many people can’t stand wearing a heavy necklace!

With nice large threading holes, these beads will go on your leather chokers or wrist bands, lariat ends or keychain decorations