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14mm Tortoise Shell Studs w. Hole (2)

$5.00 AUD

Beautiful studs with a hanging loop to attach your charm or headpin decoration.  With the gorgeous black enamel front, surrounded by a frame of gold, these earrings fittings will really inspire you!  Make something special for yourself!!  This style of ear stud fitting will really take your ear ring making to the next level!

The earring fitting is brass based metal, with 18k gold plating.  We call this one gold filled.

Measurements:  16.5mm long by 14mm across with a 1.5mm threading loop.  The pin is about 0.7mm thick.

Quantity per pack:  2 pieces (1 pair) (no backings included)

If you want non allergenic stud backs, try our Flower Silicone Stoppers.

I you would like to choose a stud back that supports the ear lobe, try the good old fashioned Plastic Disc Bullet Stud Backs.  Bullet disc ear stud backs support the ear lobe, and stop the earring from falling down and forward.