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14mm Round (56) - Cream - Acrylic Vintage Pearls

$8.75 AUD

1 Strand of 14mm vintage acrylic pearl beads. 

Measurements:  These vintage acrylic pearl beads are 14mm across.  The threading hole is about 1mm - 1.5mm.

Quantity per pack:  1 Strand of 56 beads (I know, random quantity but that's whats on a strand).  There may however, be 1 less or 1 more, we're not sure.  Usually, the strands are all the same, so we went with 56 beads!

***** A special note on the Cream colour - our supplier calls all of this range 'cream' but it's not like an off-white cream but more of a pinkish or blush cream.  Quite unusual, but could fit in with wedding themes and jewellery quite well, when you want a pale touch of colour.

Part of a warehouse clearance we grabbed many years ago, these beads had been stored for many years before that!

They are old fashioned high quality - our best guess is they were probably manufactured around 1980s - made back when quality was just kind of expected, not hoped for!  The lustre on the coating of these pearls is gorgeous.  Beads just aren't made like this anymore ...

Beads like this are temporarily stranded onto a thread.  These strands are so old the thread is quite brittle now and can be easily broken.  This won't affect your pearls in any way, because the temporary string is always removed and a different threading cord used to make your pieces.

Thread your pearl beads onto any cord of your choice - just make sure the thread is thin enough for the holes of the beads.  If you are grading the beads with multiple sizes, choose a thread that will fit through the smallest bead in your bunch.  

Threads to use could include, but are not limited to, tiger tail beading wire, nylon line or strings, wax cotton style cords, very thin leather or our very favourite for knotting is silk.  Silk is the traditional cord used for pearl necklaces in the 'olden days'.  

If you want to knot between your graded size pearls, you will need to consider a thickness of threading cord that will make a large enough knot between the larges size beads with the largest holes, as well as fits through the hole of the smallest beads.  

We have pearls available in the vintage range in 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 16mm & 18mm.  Our listings for these vintage bead haul pearl strands have the size of the holes mentioned at the top of each description.