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13x5mm Twist (50) - Dark Brown - Vintage Wood Veneer Marbled Effect Beads

$5.00 AUD


Quantity per pack:  50

Bead Size:  13mm long x 5mm wide

Hole Size:  0.7mm

This bead range came to us via our rather infamous 'bead haul' years ago.  All the beads were quite old at the time, so we estimate these to be at least 1990s made.

They are rather unusual beads, being either a lucite or acrylic as they are really lightweight, and the colour looks just like the styles of veneer popular on furniture and kitchen cabinets a while ago.

There are many sizes and shapes, as well as a few colours.  We have given them the names of colours of the wood veneers they reminded us of.

Beads these colours will compliment any natural or boho style of project.  They string up to make interesting necklaces and bracelets - and of course earrings - mix and match the sizes and shapes, colours and sizes, anyhow you like!  Make these the feature beads, or use them as the fill in beads between larger stylish feature beads.  The kids seem to love these beads also!