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12mm Tulip Vintage Lucite Beads (20) - Pearl

$6.00 AUD


These absolutely stunning beads are part of a lot found in the back of a bead shop overseas.  I purchased all of the stock that was to be had at that time.

I just love finding old things!  Look at the string on the strands of beads. I have only 1 hank of these so they are a bit precious. I have no idea of their history but they are years old and the staples on the bag are totally rusted. I'm guessing they have been stored for 20-30 years.

The tulips 12mm long and about 8mm wide, with a threading hole going all the way through from top to bottom about .8mm wide.

They are lightweight acrylic with a pearlised coating in cream.

These flowers will look great on any project from embellishing fabric projects through to mini bouquets, wedding favours, beaded pieces and so on. Or what about a wired wedding bouquet or bonbonniere for christenings and/or weddings etc.

Quantity per pack:  20 beads