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12mm Round (10) - Green - Matte Metallic Speckled Vintage Beads

$4.00 AUD


Measurements:  12mm with a 1mm threading hole

Quantity per pack:  10

Even though they are acrylic, these beads have the most amazing coating with speckled splattered paint look over the top.  We don't have much information about these beads, but we know they are unusual, old, rare and so so beautiful.

The stock is really really old (but not used - new beads of course!) that we have had in storage.  We purchased these as a part of a very large vintage bead haul in about 2006 & we can guarantee the beads are a lot older than that, as they had already been in storage for many years.

Each bead is very different to the next.  Every bead has different flecks and quantities of flecks, leading us to believe they are hand painted.  They are lightweight, and have no visible seam.

You won't be disappointed with this range of glorious beads!   Although we only have a few shapes and sizes, and not all of the shapes are available in each colour mix a few shapes and arrange into a necklace.  Mix the colours &/or shapes & add metal accents between.  So many possibilities ... ...