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12mm Lacy Bead w. Loop (10) - Nickel

$4.50 AUD


These beads are ready to go - just add them to an ear wire for an instant pair of earrings - or attach a crystal on an eyepin and attach above the filigree bead, then attach the ear wire.  So easy!

The 12mm beads are made from 2 bead caps fitted end to end with a headpin, and have a loop of wire about 2.5mm on top.  To attach, simply open the loop laterally, attach your ear wire or other link, and close the loop up again.

Use them as decorations on tassels and bag or key charms that have lots of dangles.  Attach them along a piece of chain with some other charm style beads for an instant bracelet.  So many ideas ... 

Don't forget about using these incredible decorative beads for your craft projects, Christmas ornament making and anywhere you want something special!

Quantity per pack:  10 beads