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10x5mm Frosted Pink Givre Rondelle Glass Bead (25)

$15.00 AUD

This bead is the most gorgeous dusky pink throughout a transparent clear bead.   Every time you turn a bead it gives a totally new look.  Imagine these on earrings or necklaces, where they can turn & capture the eye with all their nuances!  There's a kind of 'depth' to these beads for lack of a better word.  I find when looking at them, I just keep turning them and gazing right into the glass.  Very captivating!

With their hole being drilled through the centre of the 5mm thick bead, they sit entirely differently when threaded, and the beads have a slight 'fluting' to them, as if the bead was pinched a few times.  They actually have about 4 planes to each side, so the way they reflect light will be enhanced by this.  Being such a very unusual bead, you might want to grab a few packs of these while stocks last, as once they are gone from our stock, they can't be replenished!

They are very old stock of beads, although never used of course, from a bead haul we did many years ago.  They would be definitely pre-2000 but we think much earlier than that.

Measurements:  10mm across x 5mm thick with a .7mm centre threading hole.

Quantity per pack:  25 beads