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10mm Hand Made Seagrass Natural Cord (10m)

$15.00 AUD

Natural Seagrass  2ply Twisted Cord - 10mm thick

Postage note:  If you purchase more than one, the postage may add up for too much, because of the way I have to enter the weights-v-sizes of the items.  If you pay too much postage we will refund the overpaid amount back to your account, or put extra into your order.

Natural Material, Hand Made - you can’t get more authentic than this stuff!

Thickness: approximately 10mm thick, 2 ply but thickness can vary along it's length, being a natural handmade product

Quantity per pack:  10 metres

These lengths of twine have so many uses in your crafting.  Here are just a few ideas:

  • Wrap and/or strap when making woven products (baskets etc) or repair broken baskets and furniture
  • Decorate home wares for a facelift
  • Make toys for your rabbits, birds and guinea pigs (totally safe for them)

This twine is authentic – made by hand in Indonesia, probably from something called Pandan Duri plant, or similar.  Possibly a sea grass type of product, but it’s definitely all natural, and very hard to get.