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10mm Fire Polish Bead (1,000) - Crystal AB Transparent

$192.50 AUD $385.00 AUD


Our Czech firepolished beads are from a very old stock of beads (never used of course!) from a bead haul we did many years ago.  They would be definitely pre-2000 but we think much earlier than that.

Fire polished beads are the staple ingredient of many bead boxes!  Use these in earrings, necklaces and bracelets, or as embellishments on quilts, handmade bags and the like.

This style of bead is faceted, then heated at a very high temperature to smooth and soften the sharp edges, giving them a lovely soft glow.  They are often called 'olive' shape for their unique sizing of being slightly longer than they are wide.  Being a staple in quality beading, these are well priced beads.  Enjoy!

Measurements:  10mm with a 0.8mm threading hole.

Quantity per pack:  1,000