10m x 2mm Seagrass Twisted Cord

Bead Shack

$7.50 AUD 


10 metres of Natural Seagrass Twisted Cord

Natural Material, Hand Made - you can’t get more authentic than this stuff!

10 metres of cord, measuring approximately (thickness can vary along it's length) 1.5mm to 2mm thick, 2 ply – (RRP $1m = $10.00 down to $7.50)

These 10 metre lengths of twine have so many uses in your crafting.  Here are just a few ideas:

  • Try wrapping tightly around a glass jar, near the middle, and have a candle inside the jar – or plant.
  • Tie on a gift tag
  • Wrap a gift and tie a bow
  • Wrap and/or strap when making woven products (baskets etc) or repair broken baskets and furniture
  • Make a bow, spiral or flower shape for your paper craft projects
  • Decorate home wares for a facelift
  • Add to loom weaving or macrame for an extra element of texture
  • Make toys for your rabbits and guinea pigs (totally safe for them)
  • Make your own gift bags, punch holes in the tops, then thread through this string and form a knot to hold in place.

This twine is authentic – made by hand in Indonesia, probably from something called Pandan Duri plant, or similar.  Possibly a sea grass type of product, but it’s definitely all natural, and very hard to get.  I’ve googled everywhere, and the closest thing I could find was for strapping bamboo palings for fences, and it was $2 per 1 metre!!

Photos:  A kind customer has allowed us to use photos of her project using our seagrass to embellish her light fittings.  I think you will agree they look fantastic!?!  Yet another customer has kindly allowed us to use his photos of renovating a sofa backing.  And now, yet another customer has allowed us to use her stool renovation using the 5mm seagrass.  If you repair or make something fabulous, we would love to see your photos too, and if you want us to show your project, we can add them to this list!