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1-hole 8cm Capiz Shells (10) - White

$10.00 AUD


Colour: White

Quantity per pack: 10

Size:  8cm Round

Quantity pre-drilled holes:  One (1)

Make your own beautiful art, craft, ornament & event decorations using these totally natural, lightweight Capiz discs. Capiz shells are sometimes called ‘windowpane shell’ and they originate from a particular species of oyster shell which can grow up to a whopping 15cm! They are a sustainable product.

It's really difficult to buy Capiz shell discs as raw material components - usually you only see these shells on a finished item, such as a windchime or chandelier. So, grab your own here and start creating your very own masterpieces!

What sizes are available?

At this time, we sell 2cm, 3.2cm, 5cm & 8cm in round shapes, with either 1 or 2 pre-drilled holes for hanging or attaching. Our 8cm are available with NO holes also. We are introducing shapes including square (large with NO holes for a suggested use such as name place markers), and fish, moons & stars available in 1 or 2 pre-drilled holes. Look at our other listings to see which size or shape you require.

Are the shells flat?

No - they are a natural shape. Think of an oyster shell and how it curves inside. I’ve included a few photos showing how the shells are naturally rustic shaped.   I've purposely picked some that weren't flat for these pictures. They are never the same twice, being a natural product. The pack you receive will also include all shaped shells.

Are the shells perfectly sized?

No – they are cut into size, so are quite uniform, but every now and then there will be an imperfection, adding to the beauty of this natural product.

Can I decorate the shells?

Yes! You can embellish with names, events, dates or symbols etc by:

  • Hand painting on the shells
  • Coating around the edges in gold or silver paint, or any colour that fits your theme!
  • Decorating with beautiful papers such as Japanese rice papers or even fabrics
  • Attaching stickers made from a Cricut machine – this is an especially easy way to make place settings for events
  • Engraving (Warning: cover your mouth and nose with a mask & use eye protection as shell dust is particularly harmful when inhaled/ingested)
  • Gluing other small items to make a scene or collage with any medium that suits your theme such as dried flowers, beads, sequins etc, or a small decoration up one side, gosh the sky’s the limit once your imagination kicks in!

What can Capiz Shells be used for?

Shells are a natural go to for a boho, coastal, beach themed, soul &/or nautical theme. Our shell stock mostly has holes pre-drilled, except some of our 8cm sizes, which we import especially for place names at events. Uses can include:

  • Wall Art – make a wall hanging by threading onto fishing line and hanging strands of capiz shells from a rustic piece of natural wood, or glue to existing art for a textured & colourful look.
  • Lighting – make your own chandelier, lamp shades and light covers, or add the shells to an existing light fixture to turn it into an instant nautically themed piece to match your home décor!
  • Hangers – Make your own window decorations, sun catchers or wind chimes by threading onto any cord that you have (we love using natural threads like jute string or seagrass, or use fishing line). Include other sea themed items in with your Capiz shells, such as other seashells, sea urchins, pieces of driftwood or collected starfish. You will love the light tinkling sound the Capiz shells make when a soft breeze rustles through them, making them a perfect choice for a balcony mobile or decoration!
  • Events – For your next beachy themed function incorporate the Capiz shells into centrepieces for your party table & include with candles, natural woods & plants & flowers & marine pieces etc for a full effect! These days it is not unusual to have a boho nautical theme for events such as Baptisms, Christening & Naming Days, Holy Communions, Bar Mitzvah, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Engagements and, of course, Wedding receptions!
  • Name Place Settings – Capiz shells, especially our 8cm, will look beautiful on your event tables with the guest’s names either engraved or attached via a printed sticker. Use these pieces as a token celebration gift for the guest to take home as a memento souvenir to remember your special day.
  • Gift Tags – by using the shells with pre-drilled holes decorate them as gorgeous meaningful tags then attach to your presents using thin shiny string.
  • Jewellery Making – our small sized Capiz shells with 1 pre-drilled hole make perfect small pendants for earrings or little charms on bracelets or necklaces.

Customs, Quarantine?

Our shells have been officially fumigated as part of our import process. However, before purchasing for postage to a destination other than Australia, please check with your country’s quarantine and importation rules before purchasing. We have never heard from any customers across the globe who have purchased these, that anything has gone wrong with their delivery, but I still have to say the words for you to check your country’s rules! We cannot be held responsible for any customs or import problems or taxes.