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Red Glass w. White Faience Clay Beads - Vintage Egyptian Revival Choker Bib Collar Necklace

$70.00 AUD

Description for this piece:
Necklace Length:  46cm
Red sandcast glass handmade tube bead links join via flat connector metal pieces to white clay bead links.  The front has 5 drops with a bell attached in the front.  Around the back it reduces to 1 strand of faience beads with a hand crafted wire closure.
Findings on this piece are hand crafted from wire - pins have been formed to hold the faience beads with loops at both ends.  Small rings have been hand crafted to attach each pin to the connection pieces.
We have checked each connection and ring closure, to ensure they are wearable, however please be advised that you must handle this piece carefully due to the very old nature of the item, as well as the faience beads which can be quite brittle.
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Around the 1920s archaeological discoveries such as the excavation of the pyramids in Giza sparked new interest in jewellery making such as this necklace.

Faience beads are used here in between hand crafted wire pins and rings, featuring wonderful hand crafted and enameled connection pieces.  Small pieces to make bells are on the ends of the dangles and the clasp is also hand made.

Faience beads have a wonderful history.  They were used by the ancient Egyptian peoples in the manufacture of woven mesh garments which were found during the excavation of tombs.  They are beautifully imperfect, which you will see from the way they have been made.  Very rustic beads, in different sizes and shapes.

Connection pieces are formed pieces of flat metal, with holes crafted for attaching many strands of beads.

This piece was made in early 1960s - 1970s.  You are buying this choker as is, and we have described it to the best of our knowledge.  There are signs of aging due to the age of the piece, however it is brand new from it's packet and has never been worn.  You might see others listed as 1920s, but look closely to the quality.  1920s choker necklaces will have a much higher quality with more uniform beads and clasps.