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31x6mm Hair Pipe Bead (10) - Vintage Bone Beads

$10.50 AUD


A dark cream bead with etched circles.

We give an estimate of the size of the threading holes, but please be aware that they are natural handmade beads, so this can vary.  Also the nature of the bone may mean the hole isn't always carved neatly.

Bone beads are always great in tribal designs, or earthy wall art, dream catchers, hair decorations, and any other craft projects that needs a little boho.  They are fabulous for making jewellery, and can be strung on thin leather cord or beading wire, using other focal beads in between.

Measurement:  31mm long x 6mm wide with a 2.5mm threading hole.

Quantity per pack:  10
The suggested measurements may not always be consistent across the beads as they are all hand carved and from very old stock - around 20-30 years old.  They have been in storage from a large bead haul we did years ago.

These beads were made in India.

Hair pipe beads have a long history, going back to before the 1800s.  They were originally made of shell, and used as trade beads for use as tribal beads for hair, breast plates and jewellery and adornments.  Bone became easier to make, so became popular by around the 1800s.  

Here is a wonderful story from Crazy Crow all about hair pipe beads and their history.

A traditional hair pipe bead will be smooth, long and thin, with tapered ends.  This one has a pattern, but is still the shape of a hair pipe so we have popped this one in the same category of beads as traditional hair pipe beads.