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6/0 Frosted Transparent (50g) - Sky Blue

$5.00 AUD


Let the sunlight shine through!  These see through beads are just perfect for any outside decoration, or something for inside the window. 

Team them up with transparent colourful Indian glass beads and you will be amazed at their effect!  We use these beads on bouncy suncatcher decorations as they just shine beautifully!

Use them, of course, on any other beading or jewellery project for a great result too!  The matte frosted look will really lift your project to another level!

These great quality GLASS seed beads measure approximately 4mm across and are great for all purpose use in projects for beading, craft, etc.

These seed beads are either from China or Taiwan, and are generally not the type of beads that you would try off loom bead weaving with, as they can be somewhat irregular in size, shape and the holes can vary too.  However they are often used for loom weaving, but beware, the results will not be uniform.  If you think of American Indian woven goods, or the necklaces with several ropes of seed beads holding a shell pendant, this is the style of beading that these beads are suited for.

50 grams of size 6/0 seed beads may bead up to approximately 1.4 metres.