Seed Beads - Items tagged as "Miyuki delica 11 0"

Bead Shack stocks 2 qualities of seed beads:

Japanese - Miyuki & Matsunos in 15/0 12/0 11/0 & 15/0 as well as shapes such as Tila, Superduo, Drops, Magatamas, Cubes, Bugles etc.  Also a range of Miyuki 11/0 Delica beads.  Japanese seed beads are famous for their superbly uniform sizes and holes.

Chinese - use for everyday beading, fillers, kids, bead style jewellery where you want a bit of texture and shape and hole size isn't really important.

View all 001 01 042 048 064 1 1-hole 1-Hole Shapes 151 2 2 Hole Shapes 2-hole 2-Hole Shapes 2-holes 20 24 fab 25 25 fab 26 2holes 3.4 mm 3.4mm 34 42 44 5mm 6 64 9150 925 9401f ab Aboriginal Art Beads Aborigine acrylic beads activities activities for adults activities for kids activities for teenagers activity always was always will be alwayswasalwayswillbe Amethyst arm australia Australia Day baking bangle basic basic colours beach wear beachwear bead bead my own bead to keep busy bead weaving beaded beading beading is good for you beads beads and more beadweaving big hole bigger holes birthday party black blue bracelet bracelet making Bracelet Patterns bracelets brain food brown bulk butterflies butterfly buy seed beads buy seedbeads buylk candy casual cheap Childrens Day Chinese Chocolate choker chokers christmas cilindar cilinder cilinrical Circle Circles Citrus clear Close the Gap Day clothing coat coated coating Cobalt Coffee colour lined colours for miles comb combs Coming of the Light coordination corona corona virus corona virus australia corona virus ideas coronapocalypse covid 19 craft craft beads Cream Cubes cut cylinder cylindrical cz czech czechmates dance dark blue dark green DB db 1 db001 db01 db1 db34 DBR dbr 1 dbr001 dbr01 dbr1 decorating decoration decorations delicas diamond distancing Drops duo duos durable duracoat edu education educational embellish embellisher embellishment embellishments end engage the brain EXPRESSO eye fab face festival flat foam friendship frill frilly froisted frost frosted frosted ab frosty GALVANISED galvanize galvanized GemDuo general beading gifts glass glass precious metal plated glass seed beads Glowing gold gold filled goldem golden gray green grey group groups Half Tila hand Heal Country hex hexagon hexagonal hexcut hole Hole Enlarger holed holes honey honeycombs hot pink ideas Indigenous Indigenous Literacy Day indigenus Indiginous indiginus inside inside outside insidecolour insideoutside instruction instructions island isolate isolation japan japanese 11 0 12 0 Japanese 15 0 Japanese 6 0 Japanese 8 0 Japanese Bugles Japanese Triangles jewelery jewellery jewellry jewelry kandi keep busy keep busy at home kids kites kits kits for all ages koori Kumihimo Kumihimo Supplies kyte large hole larger holes Lavender lemon light LIGHT GOLD light green light teal Lilac Lime Lime Ade line lined lining lock down lock down entertainment lockdown lockdown idea long loom Luminous luster Mabo Day magatama Magatamas mat mate mates matt matte Mauve METAL metal spacers METALISED METALIZED METALLIC mind health mini miniduo miniduos miyuki miyuki delica 11 0 Miyuki Delica 11/0 Seed Beads Miyuki Delica 8/0 Seed Beads moave Moori move my pandemic mypandemic naidoc National Apology National Reconciliation Week navy necklace necklaces O O Beads Obead Obeads off off loom off-loom oh olive opaque orange outside paint paisly pandemic parpuca parties party party hard pattern Patterns pecasso peppermint Pink precious precious metal coated coating Purple purpley quarantine quarantine activity quarantine life quaratine life rainbow rave rave party red retail roe round royal blue Sapphire school schools sea sea green see through seed seed bead seed beading seed beading and more seed beading is fun seed beads Seed Beads Japanese 15 0 seedbeads seeds sew sewing shape shiny gray shiny grey side sided sides Significant Dates silver silver finding silver findings silver925 Size 6/0 skin smokey snow snowy so many colours social social distance social distancing Sorry Day square squares stay at home stay at home challenge Sterling Silver sterlings sterlingsilver straight summer summer bracelets sunny Super super duo super duos Superduo Superduo Mini superduos Superuno Superunos supplies supply survival activity Survival Day survival plan Tan tassel teacher teal tear drop tear drops teardrop teardrops teens things to do Tila tilas tile tiles tiny beads tone top quality tores torres transparent transparet Tribal tribe turquoise turquosie tutorial tutorials twice two two cut Uno Unos vintage virus weave weaving white wholesale winter Worlds Indigenous People wrist Xmas yallow yellow yelow Zero
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