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10mm Jumprings (20) - Turquoise

$3.50 AUD


Here you go!  The very recently popular coloured jumprings are now available at Bead Shack!  Packed in small handy amounts of 20 pieces per pack, you will be able to try out lots of colours.  These, I think, have been made popular by the increase in popularity of Polymer Clay making.  Team up the colours with funky opposites, or choose a colour that blends - your creativity will go crazy using these very cute colours.

Remember, open jumprings laterally (to the side) to keep the strength and shape of the ring! Because these are made of iron with a painted coating, you will need to be careful to not knock off the coating when opening and closing.  I would recommend using chain nose pliers with some tape wrapped around the metal nose, or if you have them, a pair of nylon jaw pliers.

Material:  Iron

Measurement:  10mm across (outside diameter) x 1mm thick  (8mm inside diameter)

Gauge:  18

Quantity:  20 pieces per pack