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Cut Cone Shells (100 grams) - Cream, White & Pink

$12.00 AUD


This listing is for one (1) x 100 gram pack of Cut Cone Shell beads. 

Quantity:  100 grams gives you around 30 -35 shells +/-

Measurements:  between 25mm & 35mm

Hole Size:  there are no holes drilled in this style - you will need to string through the natural hole in the shells.

These are the most beautiful shades of cream, white and pinkish.

There's many crafty ways to use shells like these!  String them, glue them, dangle them, add them to furnishings and home wares, decorate sea themed projects, clothing etc.  We have used these as a great addition to a sea themed decoration.  Click here for the kit, or just to use the idea!

Because you are buying a bulk bag of 100 grams, there could very well be a piece or two that aren't perfect.  We try our hardest to quality check, but don't be surprised if not all shells are spot on.