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Cowrie Shells (25 grams) - Yellowish Cream

$5.00 AUD


Quantity:  This listing is for one (1) x 25 gram pack of Cowrie Shell beads.  25 grams gives you around 15~18 shells +/- 

Measurements:  around 18mm x 10mm wide however every shell is different and they come in a large pack, so we have little control over how the stock comes to us.

Hole Size:  Around 3mm - most shells have 2 holes.

Colour:  A creamish beige, with a stunning purple around the inside of the shells peeking out.  Nature is amazing!

There's many crafty ways to use shells like these!  String them, glue them, dangle them, add them to furnishings and home wares, decorate sea themed projects, clothing etc.


Cowrie would have to be the world’s favourite shell for use in beading.

To some, a Cowrie seems to look like an eye on one side, hence they can be used against the Evil Eye. To others, a Cowrie looks like the female genitalia so they consider this shell to be a symbol of fertility.

Across Africa & Americas, the simple Cowrie shell symbolizes prosperity, wealth, destiny and fertility. The humble Cowrie Shell was also used as a form of Trade Bead – mentioned in history as far back as 1600s, but I’m sure cavemen gathered them and made them into wearable art before that!

The history of Cowrie shells is really interesting. Even the word ‘porcelain’ is said to be derived from the name given to Cowrie shells when originally brought to Europe. The Italians called the Cowrie ‘Porcellana’ (little pig) from their shape and after, when fine pottery from China came to Europe, the gloss of the cowrie was compared to the Kaolin ware and Chinaware, became Porcelain.

“Cowrie shells have always been highly valued by many African cultures, and have had multiple uses throughout history. They are made into jewelry and hair ornaments, sewn onto prestigious garments, used in religious rituals and as protective amulets, and up until the late 19th century they were even used as money.” (Google)

Important Info: Don’t store shells in wood containers, paper (unless acid-free) or cotton. Store them in metal or plastic. The shell can be eaten away due to emitted gases that will interact with shells.

You can include the use of your Cowrie shells with so many items!

  • Hair accessories
  • Bag, Purse, Key Chain Adornment
  • Jewellery – Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, friendship bracelets, micro macramé etc
  • Clothing – add to t-shirts and summer dresses (great to cover up a little pull in the fabric or hole!)
  • Wall Art & Mirrors, Dream Catchers etc