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Lace Up Kit - Bessy the Butterfly

$6.50 AUD

The kit includes all the beads and cord, as well as instructions for one item.  A perfect gift to a child in the family, or for birthday presents for school friends etc.

Once you have finished your project, kids can hang it from their door handle, backpack, school bag or just play with them.  They are actually very textural once finished, and if you can talk them into it, get the kids to roll it along your back as a massage!

Make the project by threading the cord in opposite directions through the beads.  Sketches are included in the instructions to help you.

You will find that even children as young as 4 years old can manage this kit (as long as an adult is there to help them and read out the instructions!)

Special needs children also like the finished product, and we have found many can make their own with guidance too!  They love the textural feel of them especially, as well as their bright colours and shapes.

Materials:  9mm Pony Beads & Rat Tail Threading Cord (both included in the kit)

Level of Difficulty for Kids:  Easy to Medium

Tools Required:  Sharp Scissors

Colours:  Chosen at Random, but feel free to leave your preferred choice for either a 'girl' or 'boy' colour in the comments section at checkout.