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Sterling & 24kt Gold Twist Necklace Pattern

$5.00 AUD


This pattern teaches tubular herringbone and gives comprehensive instructions and tips in English, with sketches.  You can make it predominantly silver with a strand of gold, or reverse the materials to make it mostly gold with a strand of silver.  Or just use any colours you like!  We have used 15/0 because it makes such a delicate rope, but you can use any beads you like really....

Materials Required:  1 x Sterling Silver Magnetic Clasp, 2 x Sterling Silver 8/0 Seed Beads, 5 grams Miyuki 15/0 Seed Beads Sterling Silver Plate (c1) & 2.5 grams Miyuki 15/0 Seed Beads 24kt Gold Plate (c2)

Tools Required:  Sharp scissors, 1 x size 12 hard beading needle, Nymo size D thread or similar, thread wax (optional)

Necklace Length:  up to 45cm (18")

Level of Difficulty:  Easy to Intermediate