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Busy Bee Buckets

$27.95 AUD


This kit comprises lots & lots of lovely large beads with enormous holes & thick shoelaces for threading.  The kids can thread until their heart's content, then pull them off and start all over.  

Suitable for:

  • Children ages 2+ under adult supervision, of course
  • Also suitable for those suffering with dementia!


  • 1 reusable bucket 9cm high x 11cm across with handle
  • approximately 85 large hole beads

Beads include such as:

  • sea life (seal, whale, turtle, fish & dolphin)
  • travel (train, boat & plane)
  • lovely surprises like elephants, flowers, lollies, hearts, teddy bear, cat
  • lots of large round beads
  • 4 long shoelaces with re-enforced ends

A handy kit for

  • occupying smaller children while you might be trying to 'home school' the older kids?  
  • traveling on holiday
  • taking to babysitting grandma's house
  • recognising shapes & colours
  • encouraging fine motor skills

Of course, small children need to be supervised when using small beads and stuff.  What a wonderful Christmas or Birthday gift for the little ones in your life who are either good with their hands and love doing tasks like beading, or those who need practice with their fine motor skills.