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Boho Wrap Bangle Kit

$12.50 AUD


These little bangles are just delightful as a gift for anyone, but particularly teen or tween age girls to make themselves.  Fabulous for school holiday times, a quiet afternoon, a group activity or just what you need in the cupboard at home for when all those birthday parties roll around & you find yourself racing to the shops every weekend at the last minute to find a suitable gift!  So buy a few, & save your energy & $$ also!

The kit is packed full of small metal, wood & glass beads - just load on the beads in the desired pattern then turn the end & that's it!  So easy!

We use this memory wire included in the kit for kids as young as 2 right up to the very elderly including dementia patients & special needs children & adults.  The wire is amazing & so easy that everyone achieves a fabulous result.

Tools Required:  Just a small plier - maybe an old garage plier to turn the end of the wire over once complete.  Don't use a good jewellery making plier on this wire, or it will easily be wrecked!

Level of Difficulty:  Easy

Age Level:  6 - 102

Size:   will fit from about 6 years to 102 years (because the wire can stretch to fit).