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Minos ® par Puca Beads - Light Gold Matte - 10g Tube

$10.00 AUD

We have run out of stock for this item.


Colour of Base Glass:  Crystal

Colour of Coating:  Bronze Pale Gold

Dimensions:  2.5mm x 3mm

Brand:  Les Perles Par Puca

Made in the Czech Republic

Quantity per pack:  10 grams (about 240 beads)

You will really enjoy beading with these beautifully finished and stylish Minos par Puca beads. These Czech glass beads feature a small cylinder shape with their single hole side-drilled through the centre of the bead (from side to side).  Great to use with other Par Puca Beads, especially the Arcos.  You will find they make great little beads on other stringing projects, too, not just bead weaving projects!