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Diamond (2) - Antique Gold - Vintage Metalised Pendant Setting

$3.40 AUD


Quantity per pack:  2


  • Size of pendant fitting is 54.5mm long x 37.5mm wide
  • Size of the cabochon insert is 17.5mm across
  • The back is flat

This pendant setting is metallised acrylic & is flat on the back.  Metallised means the actual piece is made from plastic & then coated in a metallic vintage look finish.  These pieces are very hardy, and don't scratch or chip easily.

Our pieces are part of a bead haul we grabbed around 2007 and they were already at least 20 years old, probably more!  New, not used items, of course!  They are quite unusual & not something you see in the regular beading market.

You can fill the inset with a picture & cover with resin, or set in a stone or cabochon.

Use for a brooch (as the reverse side is flat & perfect for gluing) or a pendant.

Use for embellishment on craft projects such as diaries, books covers, scrapbooking, homewares items, craft wood boxes, treasure chests etc. 

Each point of the diamond has a loop so you can hang from any corner.

Each side of the frame has a 4-petal flower in the design.