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35mm Interchangeable Pendant Bail (1) - Platinum

$5.00 AUD


Bails are SO HARD to find!  And there are SO many types.

Hang a magnificent feature from this bail.  The top can slip straight onto your cord, and the hinged latch opening allows you to swap our your feature as you desire.  What a marvelous piece!

Imagine this bail holding a gemstone donut piece!  Add this very classy pendant bail for a more upmarket look for your donuts, rather than wrapping with cord to attach it to your choker.

This Platinum bail has a scrolling vine type of pattern on it, can't quite be called filigree, but it's an open pattern and is wider at one end than the other.

Measurements:  35x9x12mm, Hole 7x5mm & 23x8mm.

Quantity per pack:  1