Worry Fish Bead or Pendant

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Okay, so we know I'm into fish lately.  I've seen so many beautiful necklaces with just a bead or so, and a big fish hanging off the end.  Use them on long cords over a summer dress or t-shirt for the best effect.  

These fish are a bit different.  They are called WORRY FISH and they actually come in pieces, so you can string them with a bit of room in between them so they can just be twirled around on the cord/wire/string or you can put a bead in between them.  Up to you.  I think are are quite funny.  I'm sure some really great ideas will be out there for them.  I just thought they were one long fish when I ordered them haha but they are actually in 6 pieces.  These are great for people who need something to fiddle with, especially anyone with special needs!

These beads are cadmium, nickel and lead free.

Measurements:  about 70mm long x 3.5mm thick.  Threading hole is about 1.5mm in size.