Vintage Macrame Triangle Beads - Gold (10)

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VINTAGE MACRAME BEADS - circa 1970 / 1980s

This bead is such a gorgeous feature for your next macrame or weave!  Or, for any project where you need a really large threading hole.

The bead is actually a 6 sided shape.  Like a triangle, but with the corners flattened.  Very very unsual.  You will need to look at the photos closely - you will see that the hole is kind of 'off centre' to the shape of the bead.  This allows you to have either a flat side facing outwards, or a pointed side.

The patterning is rather unusual.  The sides of the bead have a tribal pattern on them on the largest sides,  The very corners of the bead are flat, about 4mm across and have a different etched look pattern which reminds me of fish bones, but could be a spear.

Beads with large holes big enough for thick rope to pass through are really hard to come by!  But here at Bead Shack we have quite a range of large holed beads!

Bead measurements:  15mm x 20mm with a 5mm threading hole.  15mm is from hole to hole direction. 

Material:  Metallised Plastic - Gold Tone

Quantity:  10 beads per pack