Vintage Inspired Necklace Kit

Bead Shack

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Enjoy wearing these necklaces over your blouses, or winter cardigans or skivvies/jumpers.

Beads are mostly vintage acrylic beads – you won’t believe the quality and feel of the black and gold ones! The Chinese are manufacturing some of the styles of the black & gold ones again now, you know how everything goes around and comes again? Well the ones being made now feel like chaddy yukky plastic compared to these beauties! And the lustre on them is something else too! Wow!

The necklaces are made by threading large beads onto tigertail beading wire, then attaching this section to some black chain. There is a clasp, and crimp covers to tidy it all up.

Level of Difficulty:  Easy

Length of Necklace:  Up to about 60cm

Available in either:

Black/Gold – which has beads in Black, Black with Gold Features, & Matte Gold with gold colour fittings.
Black/White – which has beads in Black, White and Black & White with gold colour fittings.