UV Acrylic Pony Beads

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These amazing beads change from white to coloured.   The beads measure 9mm across with a hole about 6mm.  They are the same as a standard size pony bead used in many crafts.

Amaze the kids and let them learn easily about becoming sun burned!

You also receive an information leaflet on the beads.

These UV-sensitive beads contain a pigment which changes color when exposed to ultraviolet light from the Sun or other UV source. The pony beads are not, however, affected by visible light and so will remain pale indoors, or when shielded from UV light as is the case in most modern automobiles. Many of today's space telescopes observe colors of light not in the visible spectrum such as infrared and ultraviolet. Children can make a simple bracelet from a standard pipe cleaner or jelly thread/stretch elastic which can function as a UV detector. Many other experiments are possible as well... test sunglasses for the effectiveness of their UV protection, or even suntan lotion. We have only just begun to discover the possibilities! Available in five colors, all beads are pale, off-white in the absence of UV light. The ultraviolet beads will cycle back and forth (to bright colors and back again) over 50,000 times!

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