Triumph Rechargeable Folding Desk Lamp

Bead Shack

$35.00 AUD 


Red or White available.

Triumph Rechargeable LED Folding Desk Lamp.

  • Contemporary styling
  • 30 brilliant LED's
  • Powerful & compact
  • Lightweight for travel & camping
  • Includes USB recharging cord Only
  • Solid sturdy base resists tipping over
  • Neat, simple setup
  • 3 levels of brightness - perfect light for any situation
  • Touch button on/off
  • Lithium Battery
  • Fits easily into a large pocket or small purse.  The packaging box it comes in, measures 14cm long by 8cm wide by 6.5mm deep so the lamp will be slightly smaller than those dimensions if you store it/carry it out of the box.
  • Light has its own built-in USB port & can be recharged from your computer or use the USB power adapter from your phone or tablet.